Hall News: Alumni Association Newsletter Launches This Month


Look out for issue one of Allen Hall Alumni Association’s e-newsletter which will be going out in mid-December. It will be sent out to alumni and friends of the Hall on a quarterly basis thereafter.

In 2013 the work of our new Alumni Association will really start to gather pace and you can look forward to hearing about plans for upcoming events and reunions very soon. In the meantime it’s important that we strive to reach as many former residents as possible – and we need your help to do this.

First of all, to ensure that you receive the newsletter please email allen-hall@hotmail.co.uk so that we can add you to our alumni database – please include your full name (including maiden name if appropriate), current address, email address, the year(s) you lived in Allen Hall and your Twitter alias if possible.

Please forward the e-newsletter to as many of your Allen Hall contacts as possible and encourage them to pass their details on to us also.

Secondly, ensure that you pass on your details and those of your friends to us so that we can continue to grow our alumni database. If you were lucky enough to attend last September’s 50th anniversary reunion dinner then we probably have your details already – and we promise to be in touch with everyone who wanted to be involved in the Alumni Association in early 2013.

Send us your suggestions, photographs, memories and announcements so that we can share them with other alumni through this website and future editions of the e-newsletter.

Thanks and see you in 2013!


About allenhallalumni

Allen Hall Alumni Association is for alumni and friends of Allen Hall, University of Manchester. The Association aims to promote lifelong friendships and networking between former residents and friends of Allen Hall through events, reunions and regular communications, whilst working to establish contact with as many alumni as possible. The Association was formed in 2012 in the aftermath of a hugely successful reunion weekend held over the weekend of 3-4 September 2011 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Hall. Look out for exciting news and events coming in 2013.
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